What is PayPal Account?

What is PayPal Account

Whenever you are shopping online, possibly you might seen about payment gateway logo written as PayPal. If you are absolute beginner of online shopping, then you must know about PayPal. This article will helps you know about what is PayPal and how to get free PayPal account.

In any website or online shopping cart whenever you buy products online, there are multiple options to pay with them either using credit card or debit card. PayPal is great alternative and used by most of online shopping websites now a days.

Founded by PayPal Holdings, which is an american company operating worldwide online payments system which helps you to transfer funds using online money transfer.

Do you know, why you need to prefer PayPal payment gateway option? Assuming that you are looking to shop online, but you’re little nervous about to share your credit card or debit card details with CVV number to unknown website which you ever transacted before. In this scenario, PayPal is very handy to pay online without revealing your credit or debit card details and transacting your payment using secure servers.

PayPal processing your payment through industry standard secure servers (256 bit SSL) which will helps you to protects your credit or debit card details and assures 100% safe & secure online shopping. PayPal payment gateway has a leading fraud prevention team helps you to protect fraudulent transactions before it happen and its faster than any other payment gateways.

Did you finished shopping online and ready to pay? Look around for PayPal payment gateway option and start making payment using it. You can even choose credit card, debit card options or through bank account as a source of payment. PayPal is not only for shopping, even you can send or receive payments to your dear one’s, anywhere online in no time.

All over the world millions of people who already using PayPal to shop online or send and receive payments. Know why?

  • It’s safe
  • It’s faster
  • It’s trusted

Ready to feel better to shop online, its right time to get a free PayPal account using below link for secure online shopping or send / receive money from anywhere online.

Sign Up for Free PayPal Account Here…

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