Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below specified questions are frequently questioned by other phone callers and workers of this site. Here i answered you most common questions might helps you a lot before to join hands with me. Please go through the below question and answers before to calling me.

1. Is this data entry job?

Its not a data entry jobs. In fact data entry jobs are does not exists. Now days many softwares and automated tools does the work.

2. Is this ad posting jobs?

No. Its not an ad posting jobs. (Its a another scam now a days)

3. Is this form filling job?

No. Its not a form filling job. (To fill a form automatically, there are many automated tools are available like roboform. Who needs manual work? Even most of the modern browsers are built with the similar feature to fill any form just a click away.)

4. Then What kind of jobs is this?

The job nature will be..

1. Collecting the email addresses from given websites
2. Mining the specific data from given website (such as address, phone number etc.)
3. Categorize the videos, images, websites, weblog.
4. Writing articles about given topic or rewriting the given article and still there are 100′s of different types of jobs are available under one website. You may pick any type of job as you wish.

5. How much i can able earn through this opportunity?

You can earn as much as possible according to the number of jobs to be done. There are 100′s of different types of jobs are available in this opportunity and you can pick any type of jobs as you wish.

For example, Some of the jobs will pay you Rs.5, Rs.8, Rs.3 per job according to the job nature. Lets say if you are able to complete 100 jobs in a day which pays you Rs.5 per job.

100 jobs x Rs.5.00 = Rs.500
100 jobs x Rs.8.00 = Rs.800
100 jobs x Rs.4.00 = Rs.400

and so on. It may vary according to your internet skills and speed.

6. How can i get my jobs? Is it through email?

Its not via email. There is third party website to work. (I’ll provide you the job provider website with unique login ID and password at the time of training.)

7. How can i join with this opportunity?

To join with this opportunity, you have to pay Rs.699 as a training fee.

8. How can i pay you the training fee?

There are many ways to make a payment with me.

If you have Bank of India account, you can transfer funds online to the below specified account number using third party transfer. If you have any other bank account, you can still transfer funds online by using NEFT transfer.

Beneficiary Name : S.Selvam
Bank of India A/c Number : 821510100000920
Branch : R.S. Puram Branch, Coimbatore
IFSC Code : BKID0008215 (Used for third party bank online transactions)

If you do not have bank account, you can send a demand draft worth of Rs.699 payable at coimbatore and send to below given address. Or else you can make a payment in the above account number through any Bank of India branch from your home town.

M/s.7G Solutions
75 Madukkarai Road, Kamaraj Nagar,
Coimbatore – 641021, Tamilnadu, India.
Mobile : +9198430-32323

If you wish to make payment using credit card or paypal account, You can make it through below pay now button.

9. Do i need to pay anything to get jobs?

No need to pay anything. Your training fee included with everything.

10. Will you adjust the payment from my first month earnings?

For your kind information, i am not a job provider. I am a trainer who train the people online about genuine online job opportunities.

11. Training fee is refundable?

No, its not refundable.

12. How can i inform you after i made payment?

Once you made a payment via online banking, Here i requested you to, Send your name, Email address, Phone number along with your payment details such as…

1. Name of City (Where you remitted cash)
2. Name of the Bank of India branch
3. Transaction ID (For online banking transactions)
4. Date of remittance
5. Time of remittance

through our website contact form here. Once i confirm your payment, Let me reply you about your online training schedule details within 24 – 48 hours along with further instructions. After you sent the above details, also requested you to call my mobile number +9198430-32323 to ensure your credit of payment.

In case if you make cash payment, send the payment details through our website contact form here such as..

1. Name of City (Where you remitted cash)
2. Name of the State bank of india branch (Name of the branch)
3. Date of remittance
4. Time of remittance

If you made a payment via credit card or paypal, let me use the same email address which you have used for credit card or paypal transaction.

13. Do i need to pay anything other than training fee?

No, You no need to pay anything other than a training fee.

14. How can i attend the training to start working?

I’ll provide you training via online using voice messenger. So, you must to be there online via gtalk or yahoo messenger (connected with working headphone) to attend the training based on our schedule email.

15. How many days are you provide the training?

Its not in days, just 60 minutes via online messenger (using voice chat) such as Google talk or yahoo messenger.

16. When can i get jobs to start working?

Once you complete the training, you may start working on it immediately. No need to wait.

17. What are the training timings?

The training timings between 6 PM – 7PM or 7 PM – 8 PM on working days (Monday – Saturday). If you are not comfortable with these timings, let me send you a schedule according to your need.

18. Will you provide the training on sunday?

No. I can’t. (But may be in unfortunate circumstances.)

19. What will happen if i misses the class?

I’ll send you another schedule based on your request. (maximum of 3 chances to attend the class.)

20. Will i get refund, if i misses all chances?

No. In any circumstances, training fee is not refundable.

21. Is there any specific timings or working hours?

No, you can work on this opportunity any time around the clock.

22. Is this life time opportunity or need to pay anything again?

Its a life time opportunity and no need to pay anything after you get this opportunity.

Still you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to call me back to +9198430-32323.