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About me

I am Senthil Kumar, an electronics and communication engineer residing in South India which located in tamilnadu. Presently running an electronics industry, manufacturing industrial electronic goods. There is no relationship between my career and this blog. I am not a web designer or programmer…. So, how i become tech savvy and built this blog?

Basically i am very much interested in Internet surfing and playing action adventure games like Tomb rider and Prince of Persia. (Nearly game addict) One fine day i am searching about game hacks in online. While searching online i am getting some website links which offered the details about online money making. Just for change i came out from my game mood and researching bit about online money making opportunities. Its quite interesting… Just gone through the whole website (Which guides about online money making opportunities) in next 30 minutes . As i seen in that website the way to make money online is fun and challenging for me.

For a change, that day onwards i decided to try and utilize that online money making opportunities. Start doing the step by step instructions and procedures which explain in that website what i visited earlier. As a electronics engineer to follow the instructions to in that website is bit hard.

It needs some programming knowledge too. So, i try to learn and improve my programming knowledge through Internet. Nearly more than 50% knowledge about online money making i gathered from Internet itself. Still i didn’t learned 100%.

Anyway i try to implement the techniques which described in that website. First 4-5 days i didn’t earn nothing. I am really worried about that. Simply drop and forget about online money making opportunities and start playing games again. After couple of weeks i had seen checked the status of my income. I really surprised and shocked, my account shows $20US dollars as my earning.

That day i didn’t sleep well actually. I stopped playing games and again start working to make money online. In first month i earned $210USD (Approximately Rs.13000 in my country currency).

I received the payment too. Next month on wards i really working very hard more than 12 hours a day and try to learn more online money making techniques. My income is growing gradually from $210USD to $300, $500…..$700…..$1200… and so on. Now i am earning handsome money around the clock. So, this website may change your career like mine as i got ideas from another website in earlier days. Attend an online training to learn the techniques about make money online.

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